Sunday, November 25, 2012

Modifying vocabulary without increasing the version in BRE

There are times when a developer/analyst wants to modify the vocabulary of the BRE without changing the version of the current vocabulary. This can be done with the help of the BizTalkRuleEngineDb which is created when we install our BizTalk Server. 

I have created a vocabulary called AgeValidation as shown below :

When we create a vocabulary and publish it then a database entry occurs into the Vocabulary table of BizTalkRuleEngineDb database as shown below :

There are several fields in this table but there are 3 fields that are of our interest i.e. nStatus, nMajor, nMinor. When we creating the vocabulary and when it is saved the nStatus field value in DB changes to 0, and when we publish the vocabulary its status changes to 1.

How do we modify the published vocabulary ?

Simply update the nStatus of your vocabulary to 0 and now refresh your BRE. Now our vocabulary will be in saved status and we can easily modify the vocabulary and publish it later on.

All about nMajor and nMinor :

The nMajor and nMinor fields are nothing but indication of the version of your vocabulary.
I have now created 3 versions of same vocabulary :

Now the effect on the vocabulary table in SQL is like this :

This means that when we create a new version of the vocabulary nMinor of the vocabulary keep on increasing.

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